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 Forum Guidelines

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PostSubject: Forum Guidelines   Forum Guidelines Icon_minitimeThu Sep 25, 2008 11:20 am

Forum Rules:

Listed below are the forum rules that we expect you to follow. Following these rules help make these forums a social and safe environment where people can converse with each other. Your access to these forums is a privilege, not a right; for that reason moderators and administrators of Lionhead Studios reserve the right to suspend your account and access to these forums and any other online community service for reasons that include, but are not necessarily limited to, your failure to follow these guidelines or behave in a way that is deemed as appropriate. Any complaints about posts should be submitted to moderators by reporting the post on the forums via the "Report Abuse" button at the bottom right of each post. Each violation will be handled on a case by case basis but if violations persists, and depending on how serious the offence was, you are liable to be banned for either a temporary period of time or permanently.

Community Rules

- Spam - Posts with only one or two words, posts that have nothing to do with the thread topic, or posts that have no real relevance to the forum are considered spam. Such posts are likely to be deleted by a moderator.
- Duplicate Threads - If a topic has already been discussed in the forum please don't make another unless the previous topic is old and outdated.
- Search Before Making a Thread - As mentioned above, many topics get repeated in these forums simply because the thread author didn't know it was already discussed. However, not having numerous threads about the same subject helps keep our forums clean and organized, and insures that more pertinent threads stay at the top of the page. Help keep our forums tidy by doing a search to make sure your topic hasn't already been mentioned before.
- Artificially Raising Post Count - Please do not spam or do a massive post run in numerous threads just to increase your post count. If you're posting only to increase your post count it is usually quite noticeable and your posts are liable to be deleted by a moderator.
- Don't Double Post - A double post is when you make a post and then, only a few minutes afterwards, make another post. This makes it where you have two posts in a row in a thread. Please avoid double posting if at all possible. If you've made a post and you need to add something else to it then please use the Edit function (which you can use for up to an hour after you make a post).
- No Flaming - Attacking/verbally abusing other members is strictly against the rules. If you have a problem with another member please remain respectful. You don't have to always agree with other members, but you do have to keep it polite and respectful. Also keep in mind that sometimes some debates are better left to private messages between you and that member. Know when to take a conversation out of the public eye. If a member is giving you problems in any particular way you an always PM a moderator to alert them of the problem or report any violating posts.
- Necroposting - Necroposting (also known as necrobumping) is what is referred to when a very old thread is bumped up by somebody making a post. For example, a thread was last active in 2006 (basically that's when the last post was made) and a member comes along in 2008 and posts in that thread. This bumps the thread up to the front page, thus reviving a 2 year-old thread. Usually information in threads that are this old are outdated and no longer relevant, so it's usually not a good idea to bump these threads back up. The only time when a necropost is okay is when the information in the thread, despite it being 2 years-old, is still current and applicable. When bumping an old thread up please read through the thread and make sure your necropost is valid.
- Multiple Accounts - Multiple accounts are strictly against the rules. If you have an account on the forums you are expected to keep that account at all times, through your full duration of time spent on these forums. Making an alternate account is not allowed, especially if you're going to use this account to "anonymously" spam the forums. Your alternate account will be permanently banned and you run the risk of getting your original account banned as well. Alternate accounts will not be tolerated.
- Locked Threads - Has a thread been locked and you don't know why? Or do you simply disagree with the lock? Please contact the moderator who locked it (or any moderator if you do not know who locked it) if you have any questions regarding the lock. Making a thread about a locked thread will only get locked and is likely to get you banned.
- Picture Or Link Only Posts - Please don't make a thread and simply post a picture or link with just a word or two (or worse, no words at all). Take the time and effort to actually tell us why you're posting that link or picture. What's so interesting about it? Why should we, as a forum member, take the time to look at your picture or click on your link?
- Pointless Posts - Try to avoid posts which serve no real purpose in a thread. For example, if somebody asks a question and the question is answered, somebody coming in and posting "What he said." might be considered not only a member just posting to increase their post count but would also be considered spam. Another example would be if you come across a spam thread. Instead of posting in the thread saying that the thread breaks the rules, just report it or send a moderator a PM to alert them of the problem. Posting in such threads only keeps bumping it back to the front of the page, something we certainly wouldn't want.
- Threads Aimed Towards Another Member - If you have something to say or ask another member please do not make threads to do so. Instead send them a private message.
- Large Signatures - Please make sure your forum signature is not too large. A G o o d [Good] rule of thumb is that if your signature is bigger than your post, then your signature is too large. Also try to keep your file size low in your signatures as well; be mindful of other forum members whose internet connection might not be as fast as yours. Signatures that are considered too large in either dimension or file size is left to the discretion of the moderators and will be removed or edited if found to be too large.
- No Inappropriate Content - We have members in these forums of all ages so no swearing, pornography, racism, violent images, etc. When in doubt, don't!
- No Bypassing the Swear Filter - If you do swear it will be automatically filtered out. Bypassing this filter will result in a ban.
- Illegal Discussion - No discussions about pirated (illegally copied) materials, or endorsing/encouraging the use of such materials.
- Anything That Violates the Terms of Use - As always, anything that violates Lionhead's Terms of Use is strictly against the rules.

Fable 2 Forum Rules

- Questions About the Release Date - If you have a question about the release date, or have something you'd like to comment on regarding the release date, please don't make a thread about it. Since we get many release threads a month, each one taking up space on the front page (thus bumping more interesting threads out of the way), such threads will get locked. Instead, please keep all release date discussions to the release date thread.
- Questions About a PC Release - Like release date threads, the forums get a number of these a month. In order to keep the forums clean and organized any threads inquiring about a PC version of Fable 2 will get locked. As of now, there is nothing to report for Fable 2 on the PC. It is currently an Xbox 360 exclusive.
- Fable 2 Improvements - Many threads are posted by members describing things that they would like to see changed from Fable 1 for when Fable 2 comes out. If it's something minor and an idea that likely won't generate much discussion then please post it in the Fable 2 improvements thread. If you have a particular feature idea or request that you think is rather significant and deserves its own thread then feel free. Keep in mind that whether or not a feature idea belongs in its own thread or in the improvements thread is partly up to your discretion. Just keep in mind it is also up to a moderator's discretion to lock a thread and refer the feature to the improvement thread if deemed necessary.
- Off-Topic Discussions - Please keep discussions in this forum to Fable 2. If you'd like to discuss something that isn't about Fable 2 please put it into the Off-Topic forum.
- Site Feedback - If the forums or Lionhead website are giving you problems or are not operating properly please post in the Site Feedback forum.

Other Suggestions

- Put Effort Into Your Threads - If you make a thread it's usually not a G o o d [Good] idea to start it off with just a short line of text. Put a little effort into your thread. If you're making a thread we assume it's because you want people to discuss a certain topic that you find interesting, so convince them to discuss. If there's a particular feature that you think would be really great in Fable 2 don't just post one line of text saying "I think they should implement feature x." Tell us why you think that feature would be great, and why we should be as excited about it as you are. Give us some examples as to how it might work in the game. Remember, the more effort you put into your own thread the more people will want to post in it.
- Spell Check - If you've made a post or thread it's usually a G o o d [Good] idea to run a basic spell check on it. Not only will it keep you from making embarrassing mistakes (and make people take you more seriously), but it will also make your posts so much easier to read.
- Caps Lock - Try not to post excessively (or exclusively) in caps. Most people consider this as a form of virtual yelling and not only is it sometimes taken as a sign of rudeness it's also annoying that you can't take just a few extra seconds to type like every other normal member.
- Rumours - If you've heard something about Fable 2 which is unconfirmed by Lionhead, it is considered a rumour. If you post a rumour, please let other members know that it's a rumour and thus is currently unconfirmed by Lionhead. Making sure people reading your thread or post are aware of this will help us to avoid people browsing our forums in passing, reading about the feature you mentioned, and actually thinking it's in the game. Suffice to say, it helps forum members know what is actually confirmed by Lionhead and what is not.
- Polls - Currently the only people who can add polls to threads are moderators. If you'd like one of us to add a poll to one of your threads just send a moderator a PM and we'll go ahead and add it in.
- Posting Help - Want to know how to get a certain text effect in your posts? Have questions about how to post images in your signature? Check out the forum FAQ. Almost every forum question can be answered there. Still have a question? Search for your answer in the Site Feedback forum. If your answer isn't there post a thread asking about it and a friendly member will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Failing that, you can always PM a moderator.

Fable 2 FAQ

- When will Fable 2 be released?
Fable 2 will be released on October 21 in the US and October 24 in the UK with other international releases following shortly.
- Is Fable 2 going to come out on PC?
At this time Lionhead has not confirmed a PC release of Fable 2. Fable 2 is confirmed for the Xbox 360 only.
- What is Fable 2 going to be rated?
At this time an official ESRB rating is still pending since the game is currently in development, however 'M' is expected.

Thanks to Lionhead Forums for the guidelines.
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Forum Guidelines
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