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 This sucks

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Skyler ZX

Skyler ZX

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PostSubject: This sucks   Fri Oct 03, 2008 10:01 am

Well, I was pumped all day. I have everything for my new computer except my processor and my operating system which should have arrived today. Instead, I ruined the latter of the day, sitting in my room then running to the window when every I heard something that might be a postage van, footsteps and even voices. Now, its 4:53, obviously too late for any mail to arrive and I fell like crap. Probably my fault for getting my hopes up. And the worst thing about it, since its Friday and there is no mail on the weekends so my parts won't be until Monday. Hopefully playing Halo 3 with you guys tonight will brighten my mood.

On another note, I helped my step mums friend move house today which earn't me $100 and a sore back. That means that I can now afford my 22' monitor so I'll probably buy that online this weekend and hope it arrives before next weekend (which it should or I'll scream Evil or Very Mad).

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This sucks
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