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 Got Fable 2 Early from EB [NO SPOILERS]

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Skyler ZX

Skyler ZX

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PostSubject: Got Fable 2 Early from EB [NO SPOILERS]   Wed Oct 22, 2008 1:58 pm


But seriously, the visuals are incredible. The story is epic (I got gutted at the start, sad stuff Sad , you'll see), the characters and pretty cool and the voice acting is fantastic. But yeah there are a few bugs that need to be fixed. And for some insane reason, I can't have sex with my wife! I got married, took her to my bed and it won't work, argh!
So I got married to another lady in another town and the same thing happened Sad I want a child dammit!

Combat is actually quite fun. Does get a little repetitive but flurry is really cool. The break crumb trail is good, but I'm starting to miss my minimap. I want to just look at a map of the whole of Albion, rather than each individual zone, its hard to get your bearing on where you are exactly.

Anyway, its awesome. I have another exam tomorrow but after that, I'll get some real playtime into it Thumbs up enjoy peeps Smile

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Got Fable 2 Early from EB [NO SPOILERS]
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